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Young, Sleek And Full Of Hell

Young, Sleek And Full Of Hell

Ten Years of New York's Alleged Gallery

By (author) Aaron Rose


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Full Description
For ten years, New York's Alleged Gallery provided a breeding ground and played the role of willing accomplice to some of the most vibrant American art to come along in decades. By exhibiting the then emerging talents of Mark Gonzales, Chris Johanson, Rita Ackermann, Susan Cianciolo, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Harmony Korine, Mike Mills, Ed Templeton, Thomas Campbell and Terry Richardson, much of Alleged's impact was due to a complete and utter disregard for the status quo. Using a potent blend of photographs, artworks and interviews with artists, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, collectors and other denizens of the era, Aaron Rose's Young, Sleek and Full of Hell documents the glorious trials and tribulations of running an independent gallery in the final hours of the 20th century. The full list of the artists interviewed by Brendan Fowler in the book is as follows: Thomas Campbell, David Aron, Liz Goldwyn, Joey Garfield, Leo Fitzpatrick, Spike Jonze, Audrey 'Rose' Bernstein, Kid America, Amy Gunther, Mike Mills, Jason Lee, Arik 'Moonhawk' Roper, Carlo McCormick, Shelter Serra, Kim Hastreiter, Andre Razo, Chris Pastras, Lila Lee, Athena Razo, Joshua Wildman, Brian Degraw, Chris Habib, Julia Gandelsonas, Bill Powers, Sasha Hirschfeld, Susan Cianciolo, Shayla Hason, Ari Marcopoulos, Cynthia Connolly, Adam Glickman, Michele Lockwood, Terry Richardson, Barry McGee, Phil Frost, Tobin Yelland, Craig R. Stacyk II, Jess Holzworth, Marcellus Hall, Ashley Macomber, Tatiana von Furstenberg, Stefano Giovannini, Adam Wallacavage, Rita Ackermann, Erin Krause, Chan Marshall, Stephen Powers, David Hershkovits; Thurstone Moore, Chris Johanson, Janice Gaffney, Ed Templeton, Hugh Gallagher, Harmony Korine, Andy Jenkins, Ryan McGinley, Cheryl Dunn, Simone Shubuck, Shepard Fairey, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Lee Ranaldo, Seth Hodes, Bruce Labruce, Brendan Fowler, Dakota Goldhor, Beata Hendricks, Ivory Serra, Susanna Howe, Mai-Thu Perret, Christian Strike, Chloe Sevigny, Oliver Zaham and Clare Crespo.
About the Author
Aaron Rose is an artist, writer, musician, film director and independent curator, currently living in Los Angeles, well known as one of the cornerstones of the modern urban art movement. For ten years (1992-2002) he was owner/director of the Alleged Gallery in New York. In 2006, Rose was co-curator of the museum exhibition "Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art & Street Culture" which toured the world through 2009. Rose was also director of the feature documentary film Beautiful Losers (Arthouse Films/Oscilloscope). In 2011 he co-curated (with Roger Gastman and Jeffrey Deitch) a large-scale exhibition titled "Art In The Streets," which opened to record crowds at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA). Rose is represented as a director by the Los Angeles production company, who also represents Mike Mills, Patrick Daughters and Sofia Coppola. His publishing imprint, Alleged Press released hardcover books by many contemporary artists including Ari Marcopoulos, Ed Templeton, Mike Mills, Barry McGee and Chris Johanson. Rose is also co-editor of ANP Quarterly, an arts and culture magazine published by skate/surf brand RVCA. Besides this, he is the founder of Make Something!, a nationwide art education program for teens which partners world-renowned creative personalities with young aspiring artists. The artist, born 1969 in Oregon, believes that life is nothing more than a dictionary of symbols: "We look to symbols everywhere to help us make sense of our existence. From the mundane to the mystical symbols are totems that give order to the chaos and also help define ourselves as a tribe." From his very first works, symbolism has always played a major role. However, rather than use symbols for their intended significance, Aaron Rose always preferred to re-contextualise meanings in unexpected ways - creating abstract visuals composed of symbols invented and culled from the annals of visual history. Typography and hand-lettering has also played a big role in his work. While living in New York in his early twenties, Rose supplemented his income working as a sign painter on the Lower East Side. The artist's current series of works takes this a step further. The abstraction of symbols has been pushed a step further to create figurative portraits.
Drago International Entertainment
3rd Jun 2019
Paperback / softback
240 mm x 175 mm
224 Pages
231 color, b&w
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