Books to quench your wanderlust


From floating markets and magnificent temples to exotic jungle landscapes, this volume overflows with striking images that capture the ancient kingdom of Thailand and its multifaceted way of life. Thailand's superb scenery, tropical climate and renowned hospitality (it is known as the "Land of Smiles"), not to mention its unique cultural heritage, attract millions of visitors annually. This book provides spectacular views of Thailand, from Bangkok’s vibrant hustle and bustle to the white sandy beaches of Ko Samui. Each location feels like a whole new voyage.


Hidden Belgium

Let’s face it, most travellers come to Belgium for the beer, the chocolate, and the fries. But if you are interested in this small nation’s history and its citizens’ everyday life, Belgium has many places for sightseers to keep you on your feet. From the European Union to the 1,000+ breweries, there isn’t much Belgium doesn’t offer. This brand new guide is Derek Blyth’s personal ode to the most beautiful and intriguing spots in what he calls "the world's strangest country’’.


Hidden Tenerife

Beach, sun and parties can be found in the southern part of the island, whereas stunning nature, mountains, lower temperatures and adventurous hiking trails populate the north. Conny Melkebeek studied philosophy before she began working as a tour leader. She soon lost her heart in Tenerife. This book provides six sports for adrenaline junkies, the four best shops for local delicacies, and many more.  Although Tenerife is a well-known tourist destination (Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, is where the famous ‘Isle of Fernando’s’ from Take Me Out is filmed!) this guide also shows you the more untouched areas where you can delve into the local culture and enjoy must-visit bars and restaurants with a view.


Surf & Stay

"Just imagine: a beach in the middle of nowhere. You can see a camper with a sea view. You can hear Portuguese music coming from the speakers. The canopy is out and there are some chairs underneath. On the table is a plate of freshly grilled fish and a glass of vinho verde. Welcome to my surfer's life." – Veerle Helsen


Veerle Helsen dismisses the classic tourist image of Spain and Portugal and writes about a completely different world. Her south-west Europe is untouched, fierce and free, with little beach bars serving the very fish they caught earlier that day, and roads wrapping themselves around cliffs and dunes, sheltered by pine trees and in view of the sandcastles on the beach. While she drove, her drone was beside her on the passenger seat and her surf board was on the roof.

This guide transcends the clichés and avoids the usual tourist traps. 'Sea' you soon!

 Post by Eleanor Fuller