The Little Book Series

The Little Book of Paris

Complete with period engravings, this small album tells the history of Paris through its twenty arrondissements and its main monuments.

Why was the Place de la Nation formerly called la Place du Trône? Has the Panthéon always been the resting place of great men? Who exactly decided where the Hôtel de Ville should stand? What saved the Eiffel Tower from destruction?

It’s not just your average take on a Paris guide book, it has all the questions and answers to fascinating discoveries and historic events in this popular City.


The Little Book of Birds

This compact, delightfully illustrated selection of birds from North and South America, Eurasia, Africa, and Australia has a page of descriptive information on each bird combining the factual with the fascinating. Answers to questions like: When does the peacock spread its feathers?

This is a charming compendium of birds from around the world, richly illustrated with vintage, postcard-size chromolithographs. It includes key identification features on each bird and concise notes on behaviour and habitats – just about everything you need to know.


The Little Book of New York

This richly illustrated little book tells the story of the greatest American city through its monuments, streets and neighbourhoods.

Discover everything about the neighbourhoods and heritage sites of the city of New York in this glorious little book. Complete with period illustrations it tells the history of New York, its five boroughs and its famous monuments.

Which woman was the model for the Statue of Liberty? Why do we call NY's stock exchange Wall Street? Why is Broadway the only avenue going through Manhattan diagonally? All your questions will be answered once you’ve read this pocket sized book.


The Little Book of Cats

When was the cat domesticated? What are the different breeds of exotic shorthair? How can a dog and a cat get along? When were cat breeds invented? What are the most beautiful cat stories in literature? Why was the cat associated with the Devil during the Middle Ages? What are the characteristics of a Siamese cat? This richly illustrated little book answers every question you could imagine about the history, behaviour, psychology, care and treatment of cats.


The Little Book of Versailles

Uncover the history of the Palace of Versailles in this charming little book.

Writer and journalist Dominique Foufelle lives and works in the South of France. She is interested in the history of customs and day-to-day life, women's history, language and nature.

Filled with pictures gloriously illustrating the past, this small volume charts the history of France's most famous castle over the course of four centuries, from its construction in 1631 to the signature of the Peace Treaty in 1919, via the women's march on Versailles in 1789.


The Little Book of the Language of Flowers

A compendium of flowers, expressing their meanings and associations, richly illustrated with vintage, postcard-size chromolithographs. This little book, illustrated with beautiful retro-colour plates, explains in detail the symbolism held by 84 different flowers all over the world.

Author Nathalie Chahine is a journalist; she is responsible for the 'Travels' section at Express Styles. She has also written several encyclopaedic works, as well as books about health and over all well-being.


The Little Book of Dogs

Whether you don’t mind dogs, or you’re a crazy dog lover, this book eludes great knowledge about various dog breeds, alongside quirky illustrations. It provides a charismatic compilation of dog breeds, boldly illustrated with vintage, postcard-size chromolithographs.

What are the differences between the English and the French bulldogs? Is the German shepherd an ancient breed? Why is the Saint Bernard always depicted as carrying a keg around its neck? This book discusses close to 100 of the most popular and well-known dog breeds from all over the world: the hunting dog, the Dalmatian, the Poodle, the Newfoundland, the Fox Terrier, the Greyhound, and so on. Every breed has beautifully detailed retro illustrations.


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