The Royal Wedding

Kensington Palace confirmed via Twitter on December 15 that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry on May 19, 2018. The couple’s decision to wed on a Saturday goes against tradition, as royal weddings usually take place on a weekday. The wedding is taking place at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, which is where Harry was christened when he was three months old.

More than 1,000 members of the public have been invited to the grounds of Windsor Castle and will be able to watch the arrival and departure of the bride and groom.


Whether you’re counting down the days until the royal wedding or just fancy flicking through a regal-themed book, here are a few titles that will make you feel like royalty.


The Royal Mews: Official Souvenir

RRP £5.95

The Royal Mews is a unique part of Britain's heritage. Built in the gardens of Buckingham Palace between 1822 and 1825, it remains home to many of the carriages and cars used to transport the Royal Family to this day.

The Mews is also responsible for the training of the famous Windsor Greys and Bays, the horses that pull the royal carriages, and for the care and upkeep of historic harness and liveries.

So, if you fancy touching up on your royal knowledge without breaking the bank, this little book is a great steal.

The Royal Scrapbook

RRP £14.95

This book was timed to coincide with the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002. It continues in the immensely popular Scrapbook formula, which collectively have sold over 250,000 copies. It combines invaluable source material with quirky facts and news, especially linked to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, making this an excellent gift idea. Included are not only the more enduring items – the commemorative flags, mugs, jigsaws and chocolate tins – but also the ephemera, whether milk, bottle tops, sweet wrappers or paper hats.

Buckingham Palace: Official Souvenir

RRP £5.95

Buckingham Palace is instantly recognisable as a symbol of the monarchy, of London and of Britain itself. But what goes on behind the famous façade? Buckingham Palace is much more than a stone backdrop to pomp and pageantry. Since Queen Victoria's time it has been the official London residence for the ruling monarch. It houses a superb collection of works of art, part of the Royal Collection, but this is no rarefied museum.


The Royal Touch: Simply Stunning Home Cooking from a Royal Chef

RRP £25.00

The Royal Touch is a beautiful compilation of stunning recipes gathered from far and wide on an incredible culinary journey. It is one that has covered three continents over several decades and has taken in many a royal palace along the way. Carolyn Robb, former personal chef to TRH. The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry, presents the food that she loves to serve to her family and friends: food that is fit for a king, yet is accessible to us all. Inspired by everything from her mother’s home-cooking, memories of her happy childhood in South Africa and her extensive travels to the extraordinary experiences of 13 years as a chef in the royal household, Carolyn's recipes are simple to prepare and perfect to share.


Royal Rubies

RRP £38.00

The royal ruby parure worn by HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is a delicate piece of craftsmanship dating back to the early nineteenth century. The beautiful set was transferred in 2010 to the Danish jewellery company Dulong Fine Jewelry for one of the century's most extensive restoration projects. Moreover, the author devotes a whole chapter to the ruby itself and another to the cultural history of the colour red.


  The Royal Albert Hall: Official Souvenir Guide

RRP £7.95

The Royal Albert Hall is the world's most famous stage and embodies all that is fundamental to the arts – inspiring, aspirational, and, most importantly, accessible. Embedded in the fabric of London since 1871, every year the Hall inspires millions of people through unforgettable experiences for artists and audiences alike.

The Royal Albert Hall guidebook is a perfect memento for visitors to the venue, a gift for someone special, or an accompaniment to the many guided tours the Hall offers, providing a detailed insight into this iconic building and its unrivalled programme of events.


Post by Eleanor Fuller