Pictorial Dic. of British 19th C Furniture Design

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Edward Joy

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Territory: World
Size: 279 mm x 216 mm
Pages: 632
Illustrations: 6,200 b&w

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  • This first major study of the very wide range of furniture produced in the 19th century is the potential standard work of reference on this subject
  • Compiled from nearly 50 contemporary catalogues
  • Rearranges numerous illustrations under individual furniture categories
  • While launching a whole new terminology, this book will enable the reader to get a speedy overall understanding of changes in style and construction over the period
  • An easy-to-use, comprehensive aid to dating and identification

The nineteenth century produced dozens of independent designers, particularly towards the end of the period. As the furniture trade developed, so manufacturers and retailing split. Catalogues began to be used in retail shops as they are today. Competition between retailers and the use of the new design books resulted in a large number of designs, not only new ones but also a constant looking backwards to earlier centuries for inspiration. This change in the structure of the industry made full use of highly individual interpretations of Gothic, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Naturalistic styles, Egyptian, Old French, Louis XIV, Louis XV and Italian decorations, all applied to a wide variety of furniture. The complexity of the subject is best explained by a very large number of illustrations and this is the reason why some 6,000 appear within this book.

The dictionary is made up from forty-nine contemporary design and pattern books issued by manufacturers such as Heals, Smith, Tatham, King, Pugin, Morris and Liberty's. Each piece of furniture has been sorted into its physical characteristics (e.g. table with three legs) so that it is only necessary to glance down the list of contents to identify into which category any particular piece belongs. Within each category the pieces are arranged in chronological order so that the evolution of each type is clearly seen. This Pictorial Dictionary, the first major study on the wide range of furniture produced in this century, is the standard work of reference on the subject.