The Art of the Cayman Islands A Journey through the National Gallery Collection

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Natalie Urquhart

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Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd
Territory: World
Size: 241 mm x 216 mm
Pages: 104
Illustrations: 75 colour

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  • First book to offer an overview of the art of the Cayman Islands
  • Fully illustrated with multimedia works from over seventy artists
  • A cultural journey through this popular tourist retreat

This book offers the first comprehensive survey of the art of the Cayman Islands as seen through highlights from the National Gallery's permanent collection. The collection traces a historical and stylistic journey that begins with the visionary markings of intuitive artists such as Gladwyn 'Miss Lassie' Bush, and moves on to the work of the early realist painters who sought to capture the picturesque tropical island paradise before concluding with the more critically engaged, multi-disciplinary work that the islands' contemporary artists are generating. This overview, which also functions as the gallery's first collection guide, features essays on the history of art, the story of the National Gallery and its collection, and works by over 70 artists.

Natalie Urquhart is the Director of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.