The Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum Catalogue of Plaster Casts of Greek and Roman Sculpture

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R.R.R. Smith and Rune Frederiksen

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Ashmolean Museum Publications
Territory: World excluding Australia
Size: 295 mm x 210 mm
Pages: 360
Illustrations: 1,160 b&w

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The Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum contains the premier collection of plaster casts of Greek and Roman sculpture in the UK, formed over more than a century, from 1884 to the present. The collection has recently been re-displayed and integrated with the Museum, and this book is its first complete and illustrated catalogue. It presents 1,000 casts of monuments from all over the ancient world, from 600 BC to AD 500, from small bronzes to iconic monuments such as the Laokoon and the Augustus of Prima Porta.

Chapter 1 - Introduction: The Casts and the Cast Gallery
Chapter 2 - Sculpture from buildings
Chapter 3 - Greek statuary and Roman portraits
Chapter 4 - Roman statuary in classical styles
Chapter 5 - Funerary and votive reliefs
Chapter 6 - Roman reliefs in classical styles
Chapter 7 - Small bronzes
Chapter 8 - Other casts and new aquisitions
Abbreviations and Bibliography
Index 1: Provinces
Index 2: Museums
Index 3: Casts of pieces now lost

Contributions by Olympia Bobou and Milena Melfi.

R.R.R. Smith is the Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology & Art at Oxford University.