New Topiary Imaginative Techniques from Longwood

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Patricia Riley Hammer

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Garden Art Press
Territory: World
Size: 279 mm x 216 mm
Pages: 264
Illustrations: 235 colour, 48 b&w

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New Topiary is essential for anyone interested in the shaping of plants for inside and outside decoration. This book will be valued by professional and amateur gardeners for adding that extra bit of theatre which has now become such an important part in our extended inside/outside living.

For the first time, closely guarded secrets are revealed about the growing stages and maintenance of Longwood's exotic displays, from tiny animals to astonishing creations in chrysanthemums and even self-watering life-size elephants.

It will amaze traditional topiary enthusiasts by showing them how classical, formal shapes can be achieved quickly and tastefully. It is a mine of information and inspiration.

Years of practical development and research have gone into this book which is a refreshing new look at plant decoration. The snags, pitfalls and the disappointments are eliminated by the confident, step-by-step instructions and ideas of an expert who is the foremost authority in this colourful modem approach to exciting decoration with plants.

This book will set you on a journey of excitement. The comprehensive information contained here will encourage you to create and interpret your own decorative ideas and style.