David Austin's English Roses

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David Austin

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Garden Art Press
Territory: World
Size: 240 mm x 180 mm
Pages: 184
Illustrations: 129 colour

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  • Provides valuable information on rose cultivation and propagation
  • Written by the proprietor of one of the UK's leading rose nurseries

"Fully illustrated, the charm of his English Roses comes across on every page, even if the reader has to imagine their scent." The Irish Garden

"Experts will appreciate the notes on each rose's breeding" Historic Gardens Foundation

Like its highly-respected companion in the series, Old Roses, this title draws the most useful information from David Austin's The Rose and focuses on English Roses, bred by David Austin to combine the sumptuousness of Old Roses with the strength and practical virtues of Modern Roses. It will be greatly prized by rose-growers and rose-lovers everywhere, whether professional or amateur, and includes new colour photography.

Contents: The English Roses; The Development of the English Roses; The Classification of English Roses; English Old Rose Hybrids; The Leander Group; English Musk Roses; English Alba Rose; Hybrids; English Roses Cultivation; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.

David Austin is uniquely equipped to write books on roses. As a commercial rose grower, he is in continual contact with gardeners and as a hybridiser he is in touch with agents who sell and propagate his English Roses worldwide - from Japan, Australia and New Zealand to the USA and Canada. His garden at Albrighton, near Wolverhampton, contains one of the finest collections of roses in the world, containing more than 800 varieties. He was awarded the Victoria Medal of Honour by the Royal Horticultural Society in 2003 and the Dean Hole Medal by the Royal National Rose Society.

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"Fully illustrated, the charm of his Englsih Roses comes across on every page, even if the reader has to imagine their scent" The Irish Garden

“Experts will appreciate the notes on each rose’s breeding” Historic Gardens Foundation newsletter

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