On Land, Sea and in the Air: Action Man

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N.G. Taylor

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New Cavendish Books
Territory: World exc. France
Size: 250 mm x 150 mm
Pages: 276
Illustrations: 330 colour, 8 b&w

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When Action Man first landed on our shores in 1966 he instantly captured the imaginations of British children. N.G. Taylor's startlingly lifelike photography recreates the authentic Action Man experience, with lifelike settings and those 'action poses' that we can all remember. Every detail is described fully in this authoritative text, making it invaluable for collectors and more than justifying Action Man's claim to be the best equipped, most realistic model fighting man the world's ever seen.
N.G. Taylor is an avid collector of Action Man after seeing a Blue Peter preview of the first 'action soldier' in 1966. He has been perfecting his technique of photographing the figures since1990.