Simon Drew's Book of Ludicrous Limericks

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Simon Drew

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ACC Art Books
Territory: World
Size: 215 mm x 160 mm
Pages: 48
Illustrations: 50 colour

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  • Continues a long tradition of the author's work which reveals his highly idiosyncratic interpretation of the world he inhabits
  • A further example of Simon Drew's peculiarly individual use of words and pictures
  • A very original present for lovers of the quirky and odd

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Simon Drew! A combination of artist and wordsmith, Simon combines these talents with an inventive and quirky sense of humour in his range of books, this being his twenty-sixth. A new perspective unfolds: the familiar becomes unfamiliar, the known becomes unknown, the serious becomes humorous, reality becomes nonsense. Gifted with a quirky sense of fun and a lively imagination, Simon Drew interprets conventional words and phrases, situations and circumstances in pictures and prose.

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Simon Drew lives in Dartmouth, England, with his wife, Caroline, and his dog, Rabbit. He works mainly in pen and ink, making fiendishly inventive drawings of everyday objects, birds and animals embellished with devious rhymes and word play. His work is widely acclaimed and exhibited, and is already the subject of numerous books. Drew's designs are also incorporated into a wide variety of stationery and accessories ranging from cards, mugs, t-shirts and aprons.