The Little Book of Trees

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Dominique Pen Du

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Territory: World excluding France
Size: 160 mm x 105 mm
Pages: 176
Illustrations: 81 colour
Name of series: The Little Book of...

RRP £10.95

  • A compact encyclopaedia of 80 varieties of trees from around the world
  • Beautifully packaged - hardback, foam filled, with gilt edging
  • Richly illustrated with vintage lithographs

Where does the apricot tree come from? Why is the oak-tree regarded as the king of all trees? What is made from the walnut tree? Why were lindens planted around churches in the Middle Ages? What are the birch-tree's pharmaceutical properties? Why is the yew's shade deemed to be dangerous? Exquisitely illustrated with colourful lithographs, this little album is a pocket-sized encyclopaedia, containing hundreds of anecdotes on around 80 species of trees.

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Dominique Pen Du is a French journalist and author.