Belgian Chocolate Bean-to-Bar Generation

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Pierre Marcolini, Michel Verlinden & Alexandre Bibaut

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Lannoo Publishers
Territory: World excluding Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland & Scandinavia
Size: 270 mm x 190 mm
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 250 colour

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  • In this book for skilled amateurs and professionals, 13 chocolatiers talk about their work and share their favourite recipes
  • Includes technical references (origin of the beans, installation, machines, technical sheets) useful to the chocolatier in the making
  • Pierre Marcolini is one of Belgium's best-known chocolatiers, and is a pioneer in the bean-to-bar movement

Pierre Marcolini has selected 13 chocolatiers who work according to the bean-to-bar principle, an artisanal approach that focuses on the quality and source of the cacao beans and how they are prepared. These enthusiasts (plus Pierre Marcolini himself) explore their calling, describe how they work, and share three favourite recipes. Whether working for well-established companies or starting in the business, all these chocolatiers share the love of their work, the desire to transmit their know-how, the importance of values such as authenticity and quality, and the aspiration to innovate. Chocolatiers include Cédric De Taeye; Chocolatoa (Mario Vandeneede); Chocolatier M (David Maenhout); Darcis (Jean-Philippe Darcis); Deremiens (François Deremiens); Legast (Thibaut Legast et Patricia Forero); Marcolini (Pierre Marcolini); Mi Joya (Nicolas et Caroline de Schaetzen); Mike & Becky (Björn Becker and Julia Mikerova); Millésime Chocolat (Jean-Christophe Hubert); The Chocolate Line (Dominique Persoone); Van Dender (Herman Van Dender); Zuut (David Van Acker and Pieter De Volder). Technically advanced instructions for professionals are included.

Pastry chef, chocolatier, and Officer of the Order of Agricultural Merit, Pierre Marcolini is one of Belgium's most famous chocolatiers. He travels the world to select the best cocoa beans and has written extensively about chocolate. Michel Verlinden is a journalist specialising in gastronomy and arts. Alexandre Bibaut is a passionate photographer of gastronomic subjects. He divides his time between studio work and special outside projects.

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