The Little Book of the Language of Flowers

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Nathalie Chahine

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Territory: World excluding France
Size: 160 mm x 107 mm
Pages: 176
Illustrations: 80 colour
Name of series: The Little Book of

RRP £10.95

  • A charming compendium of flowers their meanings and associations, richly illustrated with vintage, postcard-size chromolithographs

How does the daisy express love? What did the heliotrope mean in the time of ancient Greece? Why do Christians associate the holly with Jesus? In Japan, what does the chrysanthemum embody? Why is the lily the representation of the Virgin Mary? How did the poppy end up being associated with sleep? Why was the hydrangea a symbol of betrayal for samurais? Since when does the narcissus embody vanity? This little book, illustrated with beautiful retro-colour plates, explains in detail the symbolism held by 84 different flowers all over the world.

Nathalie Chahine is a journalist; she is responsible for the 'Travels' section at Express Styles. She has also written several encyclopaedic works, as well as books about health and over all well-being.