Fabienne Delvigne Sublimating Through Difference

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Catherine Seiler. Forewords: by Diane von Furstenberg and Stéphane Bern

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Editions Marot/Exhibitions International
Territory: United Kingdom and Ireland
Size: 305 mm x 250 mm
Pages: 200

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  • A beautifully illustrated anecdotal biography of Belgian entrepreneur and hat designer Fabienne Delvigne

"What more glorious claim to fame could there be than Milliner to the Queen? ", asks Stéphane Bern in his preface to this exclusive book marking the 30th anniversary of MAISON FABIENNE DELVIGNE.

The book traces the exceptional career of Fabienne Delvigne, the Belgian entrepreneur, hat designer and craftswoman who creates highend luxury products. Across Europe, Fabienne Delvigne's designs sublimate the beauty of women. Her unique talent was recognised in 2001, when she gained the trust of the Belgian royal family, who awarded her the coveted title of Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium.

In this book, Fabienne casts a refined and joyful gaze on the world of fashion, and introduces us into her world, a world made up encounters, hard work, inspiring walks, and the joy of practising her craft every day. An original and exhilarating volume that not only looks back on the milliner's career, but also reveals a woman of character who defends an artistic heritage while being of her time. Since 2008, alongside her Haute Couture collections, she has designed, for each season, a Studio Collection composed of stylish, prêt-à-porter hats.

The body of the text? The words that helped her fashion her creative universe. The spirit moving that body? Passion, her passions. Anecdotes, recollections, previously unseen projects, a behind-the-scenes view of the creator's artistry, a look back on her collaborations with such leading companies as Guerlain and BMW, and, of course, hats to go mad for!

This book has been released to mark the 30th anniversary of Maison Fabienne Delvigne, with forewords provided by Stéphane Bern and Diane von Furstenberg. Readers will discover the passion that drives this Belgian entrepreneur, a perfectionist to the very tips of her scissors. A Warrant Holder of several European Courts, Fabienne also designs hats for all the élégantes who enter her Brussels boudoir workshop. Leafing through the book, readers will not fail to appreciate her unique and fascinating journey.