111 Places in Berlin - On the Trail of the Nazis

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Paul Kohl and Nadia Boegli

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Paperback with jacket
Emons Verlag
Territory: World excluding Germany and Austria
Size: 205 mm x 135 mm
Pages: 240
Illustrations: 115 colour
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Although the singular brutality of the Nazi dictatorship gruesomely symbolises human ruthlessness beyond all boundaries, one meanwhile often searches in vain for its visible traces - the "Führerbunker", Gestapo headquarters, or the Sportpalast have long since ceased to exist. Presumably less sensational witnesses of history as well as the "silent heroes" are thus all the more important. This special guide through "Brown" Berlin lends a voice to many of them: where swastika flags and yellow stars were manufactured, where the SS played soccer with skulls, how much deportation to Auschwitz cost the victims, who the other parties were who had an interest in the "final solution", where the Nazis hoarded their bars of gold, where Hermann Göring's extravagant wedding was celebrated, where Hitler's half-brother ran a restaurant, or what was taught in the Reich School for Brides. This book puts particular emphasis on which courageous Berliners concealed Jews in the face of mortal danger, or even dared to rise up openly against the Gestapo and the SS - often with success! - and which Jewish organisations saved the lives of children and others. A poignant city guide to places which must never be forgotten.

Paul Kohl, born in Cologne in 1937, did an apprenticeship as a bookseller in the 1950s, then graduated in Theatre Studies and German Studies. He worked at several theatres as a dramaturge and director; since 1965 he has also been a producer, especially for radio. He has lived in Berlin since 1970. Nadia Boegli, born in New York, grew up in Zurich and Cologne. After graduating in Maastricht she moved to Berlin and has lived there for four years, completing a master's degree in Intercultural Conflict Management and discovering her love of photography.