The List for the Sexy, Smart, and Fun Vol. 1 A list of 158 Media Snacks

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Emm Verheyden

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Lannoo Publishers
Territory: World excluding Belgium, The Netherlands, France & Switzerland
Size: 240 mm x 170 mm
Pages: 336
Illustrations: 300 colour, 60 b&w

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  • 158 must-reads, must-sees and must-haves for the hipsters, all drawn from

This smart and snappy book is the print-interpretation of 'The List' - a website dedicated to sourcing and sharing weekly nuggets of interest that touch on every topic imaginable.

In a world where information is available at our fingertips, indecision can be paralysing. Looking for ideas on designer gifts, places to visit, books to read? Or do you simply want to be entertained? is a hive of postmodern activity, collecting the best of the best from all corners of our world, and they will have something for you. The List book takes the site's concepts and reimagines them in a traditional medium. Brimming with glossy photography, blog snippets, interviews and articles, The List is a perpetual whiplash of inspiration, discussing and dissecting the trends of the day.

In touch and down to earth, this book offers inspiration and information in equal measure.

Born to a family of antiques dealers, Emm Verheyden has cultivated his passion for aesthetics, beautiful objects and trade since his childhood. He used this passion to establish Pulp, the Belgian counterpart of Face and i-D. With The List he develops a brand that explores the potential of print, television, advertisement and technology, while maintaining a key focus on entertainment.