A History

The Antique Collectors’ Club was formed in 1966 and quickly grew to a five figure membership spread throughout the world. We publish the only independently run monthly antiques magazine, Antique Collecting, which caters for those collectors who are interested in widening their knowledge of antiques, both by greater awareness of quality and by discussion of the factors which influence the price that is likely to be asked. The Antique Collectors’ Club pioneered the provision of information on prices for collectors and the magazine still leads in the provision of detailed articles on a variety of subjects.

It was in response to the enormous demand for information on ‘what to pay’ that the price guide series was introduced in 1968 with the first edition of The Price Guide to Antique Furniture (completely revised 1978, 1989 and 2005), a book which broke new ground by illustrating the common types of antique furniture, the sort that collectors could buy in shops and at auction rather than the rare museum pieces which had previously been used (and still to a large extent are used) to make up the limited amount of illustrations in books published by commercial publishers. Many other price guides have followed, all copiously illustrated, and greatly appreciated by collectors for the valuable information they contain, quite apart from prices. The Price Guide Series heralded the publication of many standard works of reference on art and antiques.

The Antique Collectors’ Club widened its list to include books on gardens, architecture and design. All the publications are available from bookshops world wide and a full catalogue of all of these titles is available free of charge.

Naturally,  in over more than 45 years,  the company has grown and had to relocate from time to time but always stayed close to its roots near the beautiful Suffolk coast. Several members of our staff have been with the company since the very early days, and indeed our Managing Director, Diana Steel, is one of the original founders of the company. We feel that this tradition is reflected in the maintained high quality and carefully chosen subject matter of the books we publish now.