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Reviews of ACC's books in the press

Goncharova, Dr. Anthony Parton

"In this beautifully Illusted book the author draws together the many strands of her career with exceptional clarity and precision" The Art Newspaper.  Click here to read the full review






Courts and Courtly Arts in Renaissance Italy, Edited by Marco Folin

"Courts and Courtly Arts in renaissance Italy is a lavishly produced survey of the culture of Italian Courts, with many colour illustrations and detailed maps". The Art Quarterly. Click here to read the full review





William Bouguereau, Damian Bartoli

"No expense was spared, the books are beautifully produced, with colour illustrations throughout, Sumptuous and of high quality" The Art Newspaper. Click here to read the full review





Design Series, various authors

"The scale and extent of the Design Series books mean that they can never be more than an introduction to the work of the designer in question, but the attention to detail and care with which they have obviously been put together ensure that these books punch above theirweight" Graphik. Click here to read the full review



Italian Gardens, Georgina Masson

"Italian Gardens is as timeless as the gardens it describes. Many have been restored, including myb favourite, Ville Lante, but her revised text and pictures remain as relevant and inspiring as they were when published in the original 1961 version". BBC Gardens Illustrated. Click here to read the full review