Recent Reviews

“Jerry Schatzberg shot everybody who was anybody in the ’60s, from Hendrix to Castro, and went on to make great movies. But his photographs of Dylan are in a class by themselves.” – The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast interviewed director and photographer Jerry Schatzberg for his new book Dylan by Schatzberg.


"But more than that, each session says something different about Dylan, the man and the musician, and manages to perfectly capture the many facets of one of the most complex and mysterious individuals of all time." – The Eye of Photography

More on Schatzberg in The Eye of Photography.


“With material on all aspects of Thanjavur paintings, from design, colours, the use of gold leaf to conservation, this collection is a treasure.” – The Hindu

Thanjavur was given some great coverage in The Hindu.


“A big, bold look back at a group whose big, bold ideas—collectivist housing, flexible design, and architecture with wit, verve, and humor that seems transposed from comic books—made a massive impact on design.” – Curbed

Check out this great interview with the authors of Archigram in Curbed.