West The American Cowboy

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Anouk Krantz

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 11 in x 14 in
Pages: 264
Illustrations: 137 b&w

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  • Exceptional fine art photography - several years in the making - of the American cowboy/cowgirl and rodeo communities, the horse and cattle ranches, and the remarkable landscape of America's Wild West, by celebrated and award-winning photographer, Anouk Masson Krantz
  • Photography of a society that honors historical traditions and practices a set of values that includes honesty, integrity, loyalty, work ethic, and dedication to family
  • A lavish tome filled with rich and awe-inspiring photography of mysterious and inspiring elements of American culture, accompanied by the author/photographer's unique storytelling

The ranching communities in the heartland of the great American West may be a long way from New York City, but renowned photographer Anouk Masson Krantz has been drawn back time and time again to explore this largely unfamiliar and overlooked part of the world. In West: The American Cowboy, Anouk revisits this enduring iconic symbol of America's pioneering spirit. Set out in a stunning large-format book, and with heartfelt contributions from Jon Pardi, Red Steagall and others, the pages within inspire with a fresh and contemporary perspective of the American West. Along with the cowboy's ranching traditions comes a life built around the core values and faith that are central to their integrity. Long admired for their strength, relentless work ethic, and humble values, the forgotten American cowboy is alive and well, and has never stood in such stark contrast to the rapidly changing nation that surrounds them.

Earning wide acclaim for her incredible fine art work exhibited in galleries and published in the bestselling Wild Horses of Cumberland Island (2017), also by IMAGES, West: The American Cowboy is another artful, intimate study of the American character and their sense of place, and is a unique collection of works brought together by this award-winning photographer and storyteller.

Born and raised in France, Anouk Krantz moved to the United States in the late 1990s. Living in New York, she completed her high school at the Lycée Français and earned her bachelor degree while working for a lifestyle magazine. Following college she worked at Cartier's corporate office in New York that oversees the Americas. Anouk later studied at the International Center of Photography and has developed several notable bodies of work, including Wild Horses of Cumberland Island. Her work has appeared in prominent galleries and earned accolades from the International Photography Awards and International Monochrome Awards. Her first book Wild Horses of Cumberland Island (2017) became an immediate bestseller among the photography genre. The book and her art have been praised by international publications, such as Vanity Fair, Town & Country, Time, Harper s Bazaar, Daily Mail UK, and Garden & Gun among many others.

What the press have said about this book...

“John Wayne was always one to grab the bulls by the horns. As do the wranglers photographed in West: The American Cowboy, the forthcoming new book that reframes contemporary ranch culture. The book’s black and white portraits, which range from rodeos and wranglers to open skies and dramatic flatlands, have a cinematic quality that evokes a lodestar of American life: the Wild West. One can’t help but imagine how intrepid auteur Anouk Masson Krantz might have photographed Duke in his day, being as he was, most home on the range (and obviously comfortable with the camera): with hat, horse and bandana to boot.”Jenn Thornton, The John Wayne Foundation

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