The Little Book of New York

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Christine Barrely

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Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 4 in x 6 in
Pages: 176
Illustrations: 81 color
Name of series: The Little Book of

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  • Discover everything about the neighborhoods and heritage sites of the city of New York in this glorious little book
  • Complete with period illustrations, it tells the history of New York, its five boroughs and its famous monuments

Which woman was the model for the Statue of Liberty? Why do we call NY's stock exchange Wall Street? Why is Broadway the only avenue going through Manhattan diagonally? Which is the first Art Deco skyscraper of the city? How many workers died during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge?

Which building was known by the press as The Flatiron? What happens on Times Squares every NYE? How many books can you find in the Public Library on Fifth Avenue? How long did it take to build Central Park? Where can we go to the beach in NY?

This richly illustrated little book tells the story of the greatest American city through its monuments, streets and neighborhoods.

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Christine Barrely is a journalist and author. She published more than fifteen travel and cultural guides and wrote several titles in the series The Little Book of...

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“The title speaks for itself: ‘The Little Book of New York’ (Chêne), by Christine Barrely, is a charming pocket-size guide to sites both familiar and not-so, accompanied by images of vintage colored postcards.”The New York Times