Parisian Bistros

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Author: Thierry Richard, in collaboration with Amélie Weill Photographs: Juliette Ranck Illustrations: Aseyn

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Paperback with flaps
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 6 in x 8.25 in
Pages: 160
Illustrations: 100 color

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  • A practical and elegant guide to the best Parisian bistros
  • Includes both 'posh' and 'working class' establishments
  • Illustrated with sumptuous photographs and written by respected food critics

In Parisian Bistros, the reader will find around 150 accounts of the very best Parisian bistros: where people meet friends for a nice lunch or a lovely dinner, and human warmth and authentic pleasure are always on the menu.

From historic to hyped, from posh venues to blue-collar working class dives,Thierry Richard will guide you through a selection of bistros that contain the very essence of Parisian gastronomic life. Discover the cheapest farmer's chicken and fries in Paris (only 6.86 euros!), the most delicious pâté en croûte, the professional winemaker's favourite spots and the young gastronomic prodigy's haunts, from restaurants specializing in cold-cuts to warm summery terraces. All aspects of this essential element of the Parisian lifestyle are represented in this book. There's more to life than three star restaurants and hamburgers - so let's follow the guide and meet at the bistro!

Thierry Richard is a food critic who has spent over twelve years observing the intimate lives of Parisian restaurants. He is the author of PARIS FOR MEN and PARIS FOR PLEASURE.
Amélie Weill is a gastronomic journalist.