Wall Paintings of North and Central Gujarat A Pictorial Journey

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Pradip Zaveri

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Niyogi Books
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 11 in x 8.5 in
Pages: 284
Illustrations: 339 color
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  • Photo-documentation of the three-century-old tradition of wall paintings
  • Comprehensive and varied compilation of photographs culled from temples, mansions, havelis and houses, covering villages, small towns and cities of north and central Gujarat
  • This book will appeal to art lovers as well as readers interested in India's rich fabric of socio-cultural history

The book is a pictorial record of an art form that is now almost completely extinct. The range of these painting is truly awe-inspiring. They not only portray various mythological situations and instances from local folk tales but even daily chores and sometimes just images from nature. This range, which makes it a truly representative art form, portrays its popularity and relevance in its time. Culled from temples, mansions, havelis and houses, these paintings are artifacts of great socio-historical importance. They are an integral part of the nation's artistic and cultural heritage. These are vibrant depictions of the culture of the land and the times in all its manifestations. The author's extensive travels through the small towns, villages and cities of north and central Gujarat have helped him build a collection as comprehensive as it is varied and particular.

Painting Tradition and Interpretations, Importance of Wall Paintings, Gujarat: A Visual Perspective, Wall Paintings as Folk Paintings, Development of Wall Paintings in Gujarat, Areas in Gujarat where Wall Paintings are Found, Depiction of Wall Paintings in Gujarat, Maratha Influence on Wall Paintings of Gujarat, Decline of the Art of Wall Paintings in Gujarat, Technique and Process of Making Wall Paintings, Technique of Narration of Wall Paintings, Conclusion.

Pradip Zaveri, has always taken an interest in various art forms, especially Indian paintings, and has vast expereince in the polyethylene processing industry. His passion for travelling and photography helped him travel to the interiors of Rajasthan where wall paintings are found in abundance. So,when he observed wall paintings in Kachchh (Gujarat), his native place, he started photo documenting them. The first photography exhibition was held at Kutch museum. The Indira Gandhi Manav Sangrahalaya, the Bhopal based museum of mankind, appreciated his work and sponsored many exhibitions and workshops to help create awareness about the now extinct art of wall paintings.