The Sweetest Taboo

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Frieke Janssens

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Lannoo Publishers
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 10.75 in x 14 in
Pages: 160
Illustrations: 150 color

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  • Taboo meets aesthetics
  • Frieke Janssens is part of a new generation of aesthetic photographers

"She creates images you won't ever forget. It's like she abuses the beauty of the images to confuse observers." - Weekend Knack

Photographer for the well-known Smoking Kids, Animalcoholics and Your Last Shot series, Frieke Janssens is part of a new generation of aesthetic photographers. Pictures of smoking children and drunk animals, people on their deathbeds and single women on the hunt for men - yet somehow her photographs are never shocking or crude. In fact, you'll have a hard time finding someone more in touch with aesthetics than Frieke Janssens. She's been a professional photographer for twenty years now, so it's about time she published her own book.

When a Frieke Janssens photograph appears in a major Belgian magazine it does not go unnoticed, but it is her own publications that have garnered worldwide acclaim as meticulous series of photographs, impressively framed with a strong aesthetic attraction. Janssens has opened exhibitions everywhere, from Vladivostok to New York. In 2016, she held an overview exhibit called 20 Years of Photography in Antwerp.

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