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Meet a+u

ja+u is the fusion of two of our company’s English magazines: JA (The Japan Architect) and a+u (Architecture and Urbanism). Thus, our editorial concept not only introduces the latest architecture from within Japan to the outside world, we also present high-quality works judiciously gathered from across the globe.

In collaboration with our Japanese-language titles – Shinkenchiku (New Architecture) and Jutakutokushu (Special Housing) – ja+u uniquely offers an insider’s look at the very latest Japanese architecture. The company shoots nearly all its own photography within Japan and maintains an extensive photographic archive.


First published in January 1971, a+u – Architecture and Urbanism – is an architectural magazine in Japanese and English that provides information on architecture around the globe to a global readership. As Japan’s only monthly periodical dedicated to disseminating information on architecture around the world, a+u has been widely and actively read by the architecture community since its inaugural issue. The magazine’s research network extends around the globe, covering more than 100 countries. It features direct reporting on individual architects in various countries, and each issue is edited from a unique perspective to efficiently deliver the latest trends to readers. In addition, essays penned by architects, critics and historians help guide thinking on tomorrow’s architecture, greatly influencing the industry inside and outside Japan.


One of Japan’s leading architecture journals. First published in August 1925. Since its inaugural issue Shinkenchiku – New Architecture – has been endorsed by innumerable architects for its detailed presentation of contemporary Japanese architecture with high quality photos, plans and drawings. Over time the journal has developed a unique perspective, constantly communicating new trends in architectural thought and design. The activities of architects have expanded in recent years to encompass urban development, the environment and a host of other fields. Architects are increasingly making contributions to society in the broad sense by exploring the possibilities of modernity through architectural expression. The journal will continue to carefully consider such developments and visually convey the potential of architecture with photos taken and published by our Photography Department.

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