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A Gift of Grace

A Gift of Grace

The Essence of Guru Nanak's Spirituality

By (author) Daler Aashna Deol


  • A Gift of Grace simplifies Guru Nanak's core spiritual message for the modern reader
  • All meditations are presented as transliterated text, followed by its English translation, along with a brief commentary for ease of understanding
  • The beauty and depth of the meaning, together with a lyrical depiction of the hymns based on different Indian ragas, remains intact in the translation
Full Description

Guru Nanak’s spiritual beliefs and practices, based on his direct experience of God, were profoundly transformational. He brought the path to enlightenment closer to the masses by his use of a language that they understood. His monotheism, coupled with his emphasis on the pursuit of divinity while living the life of an ordinary householder, was a significant departure from the prevailing beliefs in renunciation, pilgrimage, and other rituals.

A Gift of Grace: The Essence of Guru Nanak’s Spirituality simplifies the Guru’s core spiritual message for the modern reader. The author, at the outset, enunciates the spiritual foundation of the Guru’s worldview and his conception of reality, including the nature of God. Japji Sahib, a foundational religious text, is presented in its original form together with an English translation and an in-depth commentary. The book concludes with a representative selection of the Guru’s hymns.

About the Author
Daler Aashna Deol served as a lecturer in Political Science at the Delhi University for 13 years during which she published three books on political theory and comparative politics. After moving to the USA in 1983, she worked as an independent consultant, teaching Indian languages, culture, and politics to American foreign service officials and other agency staff. She co-authored Japji: The Path of Devotional Meditation with Surinder Deol, which was published in the USA in 1998. Her first collection of poems in Hindi titled Rubru came out in 2012. She has also translated Tu Hi Tu, a collection of selected poems by Maulana Rumi and Rabindranath Tagore, and Masiha, an adaptation of Khalil Gibran's classic The Prophet. She lives in Potomac, Maryland.
Niyogi Books
3rd Jan 2020
USA & Canada
6 in x 9 in
232 Pages
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