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Art, Conservation and Authenticities

Art, Conservation and Authenticities

Material, Concept, Context

Edited by Erma Hermens
Edited by Tina Fiske


  • Proceedings from the Art, Conservation and Authenticities: Material, Concept, Context international conference, University of Glasgow, 12-14 September 2007, organised by Erma Hermens and Tina Fiske
Full Description
One of the aims of the 2007 conference Art, Conservation and Authenticities: Material, Concept, Context, was to explore the (seemingly embattled) position of the term ‘authenticity’ within conservation practice, not so much to progress definitions or rehearse existing debates as to test its continued relevance to a broad range of conservators, examine its on-going application in the assessment of ‘conservation of objects’, and consider the critical potential of its pluralized form – ‘authenticities.’ The papers delivered at the conference, and those formalised for publication here, have engaged these various threads with energy and creativity. Drawn from a range of backgrounds and across various ‘specialisms’, the authors present a range of discussions that offer various responses, but which all confirm the still-prominent position that authenticity occupies in the evaluative aspect of a conservator’s work.
Archetype Publications
28th Feb 2010
Paperback / softback
USA & Canada
7.00 in x 9.78 in
280 Pages
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