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“Adimoolam’s work, in addition to being inherently attractive, is also intriguing for its unusual deviations off regular artways. Mapin Publishing’s The Art of Adimoolam is a show-and-tell of this journey and largely succeeds in giving readers/viewers an idea of the geography of Adimoolam’s routing in art and art’s forms and locations. Sinha’s writing maintains a sensitive balance of technical and human-interest angles….” -The Hindu K. M. Adimoolam’s art resists easy categorization. He brings to his work a genuine spirit of inquiry, and a continually rejuvenating wonder at the generative cosmic possibilities of art. He makes profoundly aesthetic choices, bringing to his abstract painting and apparently realistic drawing sheer, unambiguous artistic skills. Adimoolam is primarily optimistic; his paintings resonate with a pleasure in the sensuality of the medium of oil, its dexterity and movement, and its ability to translate emotion into color. What all the works have in common is his preoccupation with presences and fields outside his immediate perception, and a graded move towards the ideal space of pure abstraction. This for Adimoolam is the vivid, magnetic Other, the field of consciousness-energy or citsakti-one that is not personalized in any way, but which hints at the possibility of the deepest realization.

Mapin Publishing
19th May 2005
USA & Canada
9.32 in x 11.98 in
104 Pages
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