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Pink orchid variety curling round tree branch, on cover of 'Botanical Orchids and How to Grow Them', by ACC Art Books.

Botanical Orchids and How to Grow Them

By (author) Jack Kramer


  • Orchids became popular in Europe in the 18th century, and the passions they engendered for the new and the exotic led to plant-hunting expeditions throughout the world in the 19th century
Full Description
The names of those early orchid hunters are preserved today in the Latin names by which the orchids they discovered are still known. In the last two decades orchids have been subject to extensive hybridization in the search for novelty and ever more fantastic colors and shapes; indeed thousands upon thousands of hybrids have appeared. Jack Kramer concentrates on the original botanical orchids as they appeared in nature and their habitats. These orchids had waned in popularity with the introduction of the new hybrids and were also at risk in many cases of extinction as their natural habitats were despoiled and ravaged by man. Fortunately, new cloning techniques have rescued such endangered species from oblivion. This book addresses the technical needs of the novice orchid enthusiast in choosing species appropriate to the climate and facilities available, as well as guiding the beginner in the basics of orchid cultivation. ‘The lesson to be learned is that you can successfully raise orchids as long as you select the species appropriate to your growing environment, whether that is a conservatory, greenhouse, garden room or window-silI in your home.‘ A major feature of the book is the Gallery of Orchids which covers over 350 different botanical orchids, many of them illustrated.

Botanical Orchids contains practical advice, history and easy to use reference material and will be a welcome addition to the gardener’s library.
ACC Art Books
1st Mar 1998
USA & Canada
8.5 in x 10.98 in
220 Pages
265 color, 70 b&w
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