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Collection of decorative bound books, on cover of 'Great Bindings from the Spanish Royal Collections: 15th - 21st Centuries', by Ediciones El Viso.

Great Bindings from the Spanish Royal Collections: 15th - 21st Centuries

By (author) Anthony Hobson
By (author) Isabelle De Conihout


  • This is the first time that many of these bindings have been shown and photographed
  • Features specialist writers from the UK, France and Spain
    Full Description

    The exhibition that this book accompanied, took place in April 2012, bringing together two hundred and fifty bound volumes selected from Spain’s National Heritage collections, making up an exceptional and unrepeatable exhibition of these astonishing works of art. These are works that were created for the monarch’s own use, beginning in the days of Charles V and Philip II, offering us a marvellous insight into the Royal Libraries of the House of Hapsburg and the House of Bourbon. We also come across items from a number of extraordinary complete collections that were treasured by conspicuous patrons and ending up by enriching the King’s library, thus endowing the Crown with the enormous intellectual prestige enjoyed by their owners for having gathered together such works. Contents: La encuadernación, lenguaje artístico – Víctor Nieto Alcalde Lo humilde entre lo egregio – Carlos Clavería Claves evolutivas de la encuadernación heráldica de Patrimonio Nacional Valentín – Moreno Gallego Libros para leer. Encuadernaciones comerciales en pergamino y papel en la época de la imprenta manual – Nicholas Pickwoad Diego Hurtado de Mendoza – Anthony Hobson Tres aspectos de la encuadernación francesa en las colecciones patrimoniales – Isabelle De Conihout and Pascal Ract-Madoux Encuadernaciones bodonianas – Pedro Cátedra Eadem sed aliter: uniformidad y singularidad en la encuadernación de Cámara – María Luisa López-Vidriero De la industria al arte. Dos cambios de siglo en la encuadernación de la Real Biblioteca – Dolores Baldó Bibliografía temática de la encuadernación en España (siglos xix-xxi): historiografía de sus estudios contemporáneos Concha Lois

    Ediciones El Viso
    28th May 2012
    Paperback / softback
    USA & Canada
    6.5 in x 9.45 in
    352 Pages
    250 color, b&w
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