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White book cover of Harijanto Setiawan's Haribana, featuring a floral design of green trumpet with pink flower. Published by Stichting.


By (author) Harijanto Setiawan


  • Haribana are minimalist, architectural and zen inspired original pieces of floral designs created and invented by the Singaporean Harijanto Setiawan
Full Description

The Haribana style was created in May 2020 in the mid of the global pandemic when the supply of fresh flowers and other materials was limited in Singapore. Used to making flamboyant designs with an abundance of flowers, the material shortage forced floral designer Harijanto Setiawan to drastically rethink his design style and to come up with a fresh way to create high-quality and impactful designs using the least number of materials as possible. One could argue that the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for Harijanto, as it rekindled his passion for floristry and allowed him to reinvent himself and show another aspect of his personality as a designer – away from the extravagance everyone was used to. It allowed him
to go back to his roots as an architect. While Harijanto’s imagination was still limitless, the realization of his ideas had to be within the reality of the pandemic. A grass leaf and a single flower are enough to create a Haribana piece, a highly architectural design statement with a single flower as focal point.

The name Haribana hints at Ikebana – even though these designs cannot officially be classified as ‘Ikebana’, as even the most free-spirited Ikebana schools objected to this. Haribana therefore is Harijanto’s own interpretation of ‘some sort of Ikebana’ married with an architectural style and approach.

Haribana pieces incorporate architectural concepts such as structure, balance, shape, line, color, texture, rhythm and harmony into floral art, as if the two are destined for each other, rather than forced upon. Steel grass stalks can be seen as the load bearing structures in architecture: the steel reinforcements and the concrete. The greenery is shaped to create the base structure, a filigree facade against which a single flower can shine.
Haribana is suitable for any designer who wants to explore and understand how architecture can be translated through flowers. Haribana has been well received and it is Harijanto Setiawan’s hope that it will fill a unique void in floristry and develop into a specific style that is adapted worldwide.

This book contains 65 stunning Haribana pieces designed by the master himself.

About the Author

Harijanto Setiawan is an architect by training, but his true passion lies in floristry. Acclaimed for his artistic vision in the areas of floral-scape. His spectacular floral creations are regularly seen at celebrity weddings. Breathtakingly fluent in the language of flowers, Harijanto's works inspire as much as they entertain. He founded Boenga, a floral studio specializing in thematic events and weddings in 2004. In line with the spirit of giving back to the community and to promote the art of floral design as a professional career, he was appointed as President of the Floral Designers Society Singapore for the period 2013 to 2015. He authored two books Mystical Floral Journey and WTF! What The Flowers. Harijanto is a floral demonstrator, floral educator, international judge for floral design competitions and floral adviser for many international brands. Among his clients are: Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Piaget, Swarovski, Manolo Blahnik, Takashimaya and Audi.

Stichting Kunstboek
22nd May 2023
USA & Canada
9.65 in x 12.99 in
96 Pages
60 color
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