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James O'Mara Encounters

James O'Mara Encounters

By (author) James O'Mara


  • A Canadian based in Vancouver, O Mara also spends time in Tucson, Los Angeles, Paris and Tuscany
  • Collects the finest work from O Mara s fifty-year career
Full Description

“James O’Mara knows the elusiveness of time and the permanence of one moment. His rhythm is comparable to that of music, performed with a deep understanding but a willingness to abandon logic and convention to instinct and emotion.” – Elvis Costello, Rome, 2016 The photographic art of James O’Mara can be approached in as many ways as the poetry residing in it. Discussing his work, O’Mara says, “I try to approach every adventure in life as if it were a dance. I need that pulse, that rhythm.” In fact, in his pictures we can perceive not only the moment captured by the camera lens, but also a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. He has the ability to grasp the dynamism of the scene, even in perfectly still subjects: the ephemeral moment, the instant in which a figure reveals his or her nature, or events show new meanings. This large-format volume is ideal for showcasing the author’s finest shots, which span about 50 years: from the rock stars of the late Sixties (Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Rod Stewart, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King to name a few), to the more recent portraits of people, famous and otherwise, as well as captured moments of everyday life from around his beloved cities of Vancouver, Tucson, Los Angeles, Paris and, naturally, in Tuscany.

13th Sep 2016
Paperback / softback
USA & Canada
10.24 in x 13.39 in
280 Pages
262 color, b&w
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