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Memories of a Pre-Raphaelite Youth

Memories of a Pre-Raphaelite Youth

By (author) Ford Madox Ford


  • Ford Madox Ford’s memories of his childhood and youth surrounded by the great figures of Victorian artistic life, full of rich anecdotes and comedy
Full Description

” … The author’s personal, beautiful, and discursive style will appeal to enthusiasts of art and English literature.” Library Journal

One of the greatest literary artists in history, Ford Madox Ford’s childhood is brought to life in this collection of anecdotes from his many memoirs. Ford Madox Ford, best known today for Parade’s End and The Good Soldier, was also a very fine memoirist. The grandson of Ford Madox Brown, he grew up surrounded by all the great figures of Victorian artistic life, whom he saw with the unflinching eye of a child. This collection brings together some of his most evocative, witty, and tender memories of an extraordinary youth. There are rich anecdotes about the Rossettis, Brown, Morris, Burne Jones, Ruskin, Oscar Wilde, Leighton, Swinburne, the accomplished con-man Charles Augustus Howell, and many of the minor but no less vivid characters that made up the bohemian life of London in the second half of the 19th century. Ford’s elegiac but always penetrating prose is a constant delight, and his comic timing invariably immaculate. Selected from Ford’s many volumes of memoirs (all now out of print), this is a superb and very funny introduction to one of the great periods of English art and poetry by a great writer at the very heart of all that was old and all that was new.

About the Author

Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939) was a novelist, poet, critic, and editor, and is the author of The Good Soldier, Parade's End, and The Fifth Queen trilogy.

Pallas Athene
29th Nov 2023
Paperback / softback
USA & Canada
4.72 in x 7.48 in
88 Pages
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