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Interior space with low black coffee-table, white bust sculpture on plinth, wood chair, white marble fireplace, on beige linen cover 'Morph?, Van Damme - Vandeputte Architects', by Luster Publishing.


Van Damme - Vandeputte Architects

By (author) Van Damme - Vandeputte
Photographs by Cafeine


  • Classy coffee-table book about the multifaceted architecture and vision of Van Damme – Vandeputte, featuring sublime photos of a selection of their architectural creations and sources of inspiration
Full Description

The Belgian architectural firm Van Damme – Vandeputte was founded 5 years ago but their portfolio is impressive, featuring a wide range of architectural projects: new residential constructions tailored to the client’s needs, sustainable and high-quality renovations, interior design with special detailing, offices and corporate sites built with, among other things, great attention to the integration into the surroundings, and restorations of (protected) heritage sites. In this coffee-table book, compiled and designed with the greatest care, the architects present a selection of projects and shed light on the process and philosophy behind their oeuvre. The book is like an extension of their work and exemplifies the firm’s passion and dedication, captured in the amazing photos by Thomas De Bruyne (Cafeine). He specializes in architecture and interior design photography and works for renowned clients and firms in Belgium and abroad.

About the Author

Rather than being a collection of architectural achievements, Morphē by Van Damme • Vandeputte Architects transcends the boundaries of traditional portfolios. As such, it delves deeper into the architects’ journey, becoming an ode to the power of architecture to instigate change, shape environments, and evoke a symphony of emotions that resonate deep within the human soul. Morphē, meaning ‘form’ or ‘shape’, encapsulates this transformative essence, inviting readers to test the boundless realms of architecture.

Luster Publishing
16th Nov 2023
USA & Canada
8.27 in x 11.02 in
240 Pages
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