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Navy cover of Sing Sing. Pompeii's Body, featuring a sculpture of deer on white plinth. Published by 5 Continents Editions.

Sing Sing. Pompeii's Body

Photographs by Luigi Spina


  • A collection of black and white images of hidden artifacts from Pompeii, held at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples
  • Features previously unpublished material
Full Description

This photographic narrative by Luigi Spina reveals unexpected treasures that hail from Pompeii and Ercolano, hidden from the public eye and concealed under the roofs of the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. Spina’s collection of black and white photographs gives the reader a glimpse of the bronze, glass, ceramic, and terracotta artifacts such as candle sticks, decorations, handles, statues, pots, oil lamps and even charred bread, that fill the cells in this Neapolitan institution.

Text in English and Italian.

About the Author
Luigi Spina is a photographer. His work focuses on amphitheatres and the civic dimension of the sacred, the links between art and faith, the search for ancient cultural roots, and the physical impact of classical sculpture. His published works include L'Ora incerta (2014), The Buchner Boxes (2014), Hemba (2017), and Mythical Diary (2017). Spina has collaborated with Valeria Sampaolo and 5 Continents Editions to create the series Oggetti rari e preziosi al Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, whose titles to date embrace Memorie del Vaso blu (2016), Amazzonomachia (2017), Centauri (2017), Sette sapienti (2018), and Zefiro e Clori (2018). He has also published The Dancers at the Villa of the Papyri for 5 Continents Editions's Tailormade series.
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Five Continents Editions
29th Apr 2020
USA & Canada
11.02 in x 11.02 in
116 Pages
100 b&w
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