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Sources on Art Technology

Sources on Art Technology

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Edited by Sigrid Eyb-Green
Edited by Joyce Townsend
Edited by Jo Kirby-Atkinson
Edited by Stefanos Kroustallis
Edited by Kathrin Pilz


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The papers in this volume are from the 2014 biennial ATSR symposium held in Amsterdam which focused on art technological sources and their aid to research. The papers focus on using source material to research works of art such as artist’s notebooks, workshop inventories and documents on the trade in artists’ material from the middle ages until today. They show the importance of source material for art historical as well as material-technical or conservation research to highlight the coherence between the style of a work of art and the materials and techniques used in its production. Ultimately, concluding that the disclosure of such source material is of paramount importance for both art-historical as well as material-technical and conservation research.

The Painter’s Workshop as Seen by Stradanus – Jan Piet Filedt Kok
Back to Basics: Finding the Sources then What? What Do We Do with Art Technological Sources once We Have Found Them? – William Whitney
Artists’ Recipe Books as Sources for Historical Research in Art Technology: Diversity, Function and Reliability – Sylvie Neven
Artists’ Treatises and Recipe Books: On Authors, Readers and Users – Cristiana Pasqualetti
Between Painting, Printing and X: Re-Reading Early Sources for Photochemical Imaging Processes – Albrecht Pohlmann
Archival Sources on Swiss Easel Painting in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century – Karoline Beltinger
Eilido colours: Sources on the introduction of tar colours and the contradictionary reception in the early 20th century – Heide Skowranek, Christoph Krekel and Heike Stege
The Talens Archive – Klaas Jan van den Berg
Recipes for Deceit: The Forgery of Paintings 1300-1900 as Expressed in Written Sources – Jilleen Nadolny
Reception in the Ateliergebouw, guided tours through the conservation studios – Ateliergebouw
Transformation, Transmutation and Transmission: Some Thoughts Regarding the Origins of the ‘Compositiones ad tingenda’ and ‘Mappae clavicula’ Art Technology Treatises – Stefanos Kroustallis
A Seventeenth-Century Textile Dyers Manuscript on the Production of Painters’ Pigments – Arie Wallert
What’s Wrong with Thompson’s Cennino? – Lara Broecke
An autonomous compendium of recipes in the Palatine Manuscript 981 of the Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze – Sandro Baroni
‘Pictoria, sculptoria et quae subaltenarum artium’: the De Mayerne Manuscript between Unity and Heterogenity – Cécile Parmentier
Breaking the Mould: A History of Sand Casting in Western Europe Based on Early Written Sources – Tonny Beentjes
Lac Dye in Medieval Written Sources and in Medieval Portuguese Scriptoria – Rita Castro
… to Keep the Colours Fresh, Alive and Bright: Discussions about the Influence of Preparatory Layers on the Durability of Oil Paintings in North West European Recipe Books, 1550-1900 – Maartje Stols-Witlox
The Jesuit’s Contribution to Written Art Technological Sources during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century – Corinna Gramatke
Colourful archives: Liotard, Stoupan and Pastel Colours Available for Artists in Europe during the Eighteenth century – Leila Sauvage and Cecile Gombaud

Archetype Publications
30th Mar 2016
Paperback / softback
USA & Canada
8.23 in x 11.71 in
156 Pages
19 b&w, 75 color
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