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Presidential Palace with domed roof, New Delhi, India, on cover of 'The Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens, Volume 2: Gardens, Delhi, Washington', by ACC Art Books.

The Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens

Volume 2: Gardens, Delhi, Washington

By (author) A S G Butler
With George Stewart
With Christopher Hussey


  • Volume two of The Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens
  • Demonstrates the loving detail of his designs
  • Includes the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Washington Embassy and the Viceroy’s Palace in New Delhi
  • One of the few books in the world that can provide working drawings
  • Beautiful black-and-white photographs
Full Description

“In an era dominated by traditionalism on one hand and the emergence of modernity on the other, Lutyens’ work serves as a compelling testament to the brilliance of harmonizing these contrasting approaches.” ArchEyes

Edwin Lutyens was one of the most famous architects of the 20th century. After he died in 1944, three large volumes of his drawings and photographs were commissioned and published by Country Life as a tribute.

All three volumes are in the process of being reissued. Having earned his reputation designing domestic buildings, he was soon given scope to expand his practice to the outdoors and to public projects. This second volume contains his extensive contributions to garden design and town planning, as well as the finest examples of his bridges and a selection of monumental civic constructions. These include various university buildings, the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Washington Embassy and the Viceroy’s Palace in New Delhi.

The genius of Lutyens is now universally recognized. In the work featured in this book, we can now see not just the professionalism of a great architect, but also the loving care with which he set down the most minute detail, with the result that this is one of the few books in existence that can be used to provide working drawings.

Also available: The Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens: Volume 1, Country Houses ISBN 9781788842181.

ACC Art Books
13th Sep 2023
USA & Canada
11.81 in x 14.17 in
292 Pages
398 b&w
Name of series
The Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens
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