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Solider armed with rifle, staring out to sea through wired fence, on cover of 'The Occupied Coast, Living in the Shadow of the Atlantic Wall', by Hannibal Books.

The Occupied Coast

Living in the Shadow of the Atlantic Wall

By (author) Aline Sax
By (author) Hannelore Vandebroek
By (author) Jonas Raats


  • This book tells the neglected story of the English, French and Belgian people who were living in the coastal area where Hitler built his megalomaniacal Atlantic Wall
  • Includes testimonies of elderly people, telling how their daily life was changed by the Wall activities
  • More than 100 unpublished images and documents from archives world wide
  • Exhibition in Raversijde, Belgium, from 6 June until September 2014
Full Description

During the Second World War, the German occupiers built a coastal defence line along the Dutch, Belgian and French seaboards. The Atlantic Wall was designed to protect the Reich against an Allied invasion. Yet the coastal population suddenly found itself living in a Sperrgebiet of immense strategic importance, as a result of which the dunes and the beaches became no-go zones. Despite the countless restrictions, the rationing and curfews, blackouts, air raids, conscriptions and evacuations, the residents of the coast tried to continue life as normal. The result of a prestigious two-year European research project, Occupied Coast chronicles life behind the Atlantic Wall, from the outbreak of war in 1940 until D-Day. Drawing on over one hundred Belgian, French, Dutch, British and German testimonies, four historians describe the wartime experiences of the coastal population and the impact of the Atlantic Wall upon daily life.

Hannibal Books
8th Jul 2014
USA & Canada
9.06 in x 11.02 in
192 Pages
10 color, 90 b&w
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