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Winged Beauty
Winged Beauty
Winged Beauty
Winged Beauty
Winged Beauty
Winged Beauty
Winged Beauty
Winged Beauty
Winged Beauty
Winged Beauty

Winged Beauty

The Butterfly Jewellery Art of Wallace Chan

By (author) Emily Stoehrer
By (author) Melanie Grant
By (author) Juliet Weir-de La Rochefoucauld
By (author) Ming Liu
By (author) Vanessa Cron


  • A stunningly designed book featuring all of Wallace Chan’s butterfly creations
  • Leading jewelry historians discuss the famous butterfly motif of Wallace Chan
  • Foreword from the artist himself in interview with Melanie Grant
  • Contains new and unseen images of Wallace Chan’s work
Full Description

“When you land on this book, if you do not yet have an appreciation of butterflies or Chan’s workmanship, after reading, it will leave you in awe of both.”Beth Bernstein, Forbes
“When I was a young boy, butterflies were flying colours – I knew not their name. Then butterflies became the Butterfly Lovers: a tragedy, a love story, a symbol of eternal love. As I grew older, I found them to embody the words of a great philosopher: life is but a dream; only we need to decide whether we want it to be the dream of a man, or the dream of a butterfly. I could not decide, and so I became The Butterfly Man.”
Wallace Chan

Father of The Wallace Cut – an illusionary three-dimensional gemstone carving technique – and The Wallace Chan Porcelain – a ground-breaking material five times stronger than steel – Wallace Chan is a guiding light in the world of jewelry design. Always innovating, always testing boundaries with his materials and technique, Chan’s creations are as stunning as they are intricate. Compiled by jewelry experts, this book explores the cultural and personal significance of Wallace Chan’s most famous emblem: the butterfly.

Winged Beauty: The Butterfly Jewellery Art of Wallace Chan features approximately 30 of his finest pieces. Enter a butterfly house of colorful gems, with brooches and necklaces so delicate they might have flown down and alighted on the page.

About the Author

Wallace Chan was the first Chinese jewelry artist to exhibit at prestigious western art fairs such as The European Fine Art Fair (Maastricht 2016-2020; New York 2016 & 2017) and Biennale des Antiquaires (Paris, 2012 & 2014). Venues for his multiple international solo shows included Asia House (London, September 2019); Christie’s Gallery (Hong Kong, 2019); the Gemological Institute of America Museum (Carlsbad, 2011); and the Capital Museum (Beijing, 2010). He has delivered lectures at the British Museum (London, 2019), the British Academy of Jewellery (London, 2019); Royal College of Art (London, 2019); University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 2019) and many more. His work has appeared in Forbes, CNN Style, Tatler Asia, The Telegraph, the Financial Times, The Economist and The New York Times.

Emily Stoehrer is curator of jewelry at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Melanie Grant is the luxury editor at The Economist and 1843 Magazine. Juliet Weir-de La Rochefoucauld is a jewelry expert and author of books including Women Jewellery Designers (ACC Art Books 2017), 21st-Century Jewellery Designers: An Inspired Style (ACC Art Books 2018). Ming Liu is a lifestyle writer for the Financial Times who often writes special articles on watches and jewelry. Vanessa Cron is in charge of the ‘Jewellery Design History’ class at the Geneva University of Art and Design.

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ACC Art Books
24th Aug 2021
USA & Canada
8.66 in x 10.63 in
240 Pages
274 color
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