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Zorba the Buddha

Zorba the Buddha

By (author) Acharya Rajneesh OSHO


  • Zorba the Buddha is a selection made from Osho's discourses on the synthesis of materialism and spiritualism, the Zorba and the Buddha
Full Description

Zorba is not separate from Buddha. The West is not separate from the East. In fact, any form of materialism that has no values of spirituality is going to be very mundane, profane and ugly. It will not have any flights to the open sky towards the stars. It will not flower and release its fragrance; it will be just a rock. Spiritualism without materialism may have beautiful values but it is without foundations. It may create great palaces reaching to the stars, but without foundations these palaces can only be hallucinations, they cannot be real. Zorba the Buddha comprises of a selection made from Osho’s discourses on the synthesis of materialism and spiritualism, the Zorba and the Buddha. Contents: Preface; The Ultimate Synthesis; I Proclaim Homo Novus; We Have to Create Zorba the Buddha; I am Pregnant with the Authentic Religion; Zorba the Buddha is Humanity’s Future; The Whole Man is the Only Holy Man There Is; Only a Pagan can Become a Buddha; An Enlightened Man is Free; The Buddha is the Peak the Zorba is the Foundation; The World Needs Only One Kind of Man: Zorba the Buddha; Without Zorba there is no Buddha; I Have Called the New Man Zorba the Buddha; Zorba is Playfulness, Buddha is Reverence; Only a Zorba can be a Buddha, and only a Buddha can be a Zorba; Zorba Has To Become Buddha; Zorba is the Beginning, Buddha is the Fulfillment; In You the Synthesis is Happening; Zorba is Only the Beginning; Meditation is the Bridge between Zorba and Buddha; Zorba is Love, Buddha is Awareness; My Whole Effort is to Create the New Man as Zorba the Buddha; Zorba the Buddha is the New Man; I have joined Zorba and Zen; Epilogue .

About the Author
Osho or Acharya Rajneesh was an Indian mystic, guru and spiritual teacher who garnered an international following
Niyogi Books
13th Aug 2013
Paperback / softback
USA & Canada
6.03 in x 9.05 in
182 Pages
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