Books for the Traveller

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who has the travel bug? Or just looking for somewhere new to go? Eleanor Fuller has picked out the top travel guides which will make the perfect gift!


The 500 Hidden Secrets of London

This guide emphasises the importance of visiting more than just the usual tourist destinations. Take a trip down the back roads to the fun, thriving and undiscovered side of London! The 500 Hidden Secrets series caters for every type of traveller; whether you’re looking for the most stylish cocktail bar or cool things to do with your kids, there’s a section for everyone.  Tom Greig’s intimate knowledge and passion for London shines through in this lively and insightful collection of the city’s best-kept secrets.

  The Little Book of Paris

This pocket-sized book comes complete with period engravings, telling the history of Paris through its twenty arrondissements and its main monuments. It’s a perfect book to read on the go, or to enjoy in the comfort of your home, where you can admire these beautiful, delicate pages in peace.

 Belgian Cafe Culture

A nostalgic ode to the most beautiful traditional cafes in Belgium and the stories they harbour. This book shows Regula Ysewijn’s untainted passion for things, places, and livelihoods in danger of fading. Regula wants you to know that these traditional Belgian cafes are much more than brick and mortar; they can be the epicentre of a community, a place where people come together. A departure from the generic best-places-to-eat guide, this quirky book will embellish anyone’s collection.


The World Travel Book

If wanderlust has taken over, this book is what you’ve been waiting for: a showcase chock-a-block with travel inspiration! Photographs and accompanying text reveal some of the most beautiful locations worldwide. Looking for a place you’ve never been? This guide will have the destination for you.


  111 Shops in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss

Who doesn’t want to own an insider's guide to Los Angeles' most unusual, exotic, unknown, quirky, whimsical, inspiring, glamorous, and addictive shops? This quirky book gives you an insight to Los Angeles, in all its sprawling beauty. From the red carpet boutique Elyse Walker,to the one and only Littlejohn’s Candies, which offers original farmers’ market-style fresh food, there is a shop for everyone in L.A.