Clint Eastwood & Vinyl

As a kid, you just do not know anything different from what ever life circumstances you find yourself in. My grandparents lived in Carmel-by-the-Sea in California, with ocean views from pretty much ever vantage point, a living room with a cathedral style vaulted ceiling and a private beach which only those on their street had access to. Their nearest neighbour was actress Kim Novak. I did not know or care who Kim Novak was, I only heard stories about how she used to have pet llamas that would somehow get up on her roof. My family would see them trotting around from a distance. We always wondered why they did fall through, but I guess construction was a lot better back in the 1960s/70s when their homes were built.

Another celebrity that I just took for granted being in the fabric of my life was Clint Eastwood. He too lived in Carmel, and ran in the same social circles as my grandparents. At one point, he was even mayor of Carmel. It never seemed like a big deal to me, as again he had ‘always’ been there in a totally non-big deal sort of way since I could remember. When I got old enough to ‘understand’ ‘who’ he was, it still did not seem to add up to the man who we would see at Sierra Club meetings or have round for coffee to discuss local politics.

When I ran across a fab picture of a young Clint revelling in his own vinyl collection, I was immediately transported back to that innocence of Clint just being Clint, to the time when my mind did know or had to understand celebrity. People were just people. That has seemed to be a good way, I have found, to move through the world. I try to treat everyone, from hobo to Hollywood royalty, the same. I realize now that maybe I learned this lesson long ago, from watching furry four-legged farm animals on the roof of a neighbour or from being put in situations early on where you were judged by your character.

I have tried blowing up the Clint image to see what exactly the titles are of the vinyl he is so entranced with. I can’t quite make it out. I don’t know if Clint still lives in Carmel, but I would love to be able to share this picture with him, and perhaps have a dig in his record collection.


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Image provided by Jennifer Otter Bickerdike