Eat London

Looking for somewhere to eat in London this weekend? Want a unique venue that serves delicious nosh? Well, Eat London is the ideal guide for you. We’ve picked some of our favorites, and maybe you’ll find your new favorite café, restaurant, or pop-up market stall too.


Fortnum & Mason

The first things we noticed were the giant chocolate bunnies, shown in the picture below. Digging into them would be a dream come true! Fortnum & Mason is famous for the quality of its products, so you know that whatever you buy will be fabulous. Not convinced? Maybe this will change your mind: Fortnum & Mason are grocers to the Queen! They even supply tea to the Prince of Wales, and if that isn’t a sterling recommendation, we don’t know what is!

Brick Lane Market

What food does a flea market have to offer? A lot more than you think! Once you’ve made your way through the clothes and knickknack stalls, you come across an amazing collection of street food. You can find anything there, from a good ol’ cheese toasty to the specialties of Japan. If you’re more of a dessert person Eat London recommends chocolate fruit kebabs from the Choco Fruit stand. There really is something there for everyone!


If you’re out and about in London and looking for somewhere to enjoy a cuppa, Sketch is the place to be. We love an afternoon tea here in the office, and theirs looks simply amazing! You can have your afternoon tea in the gallery or the chis brasserie. As you can see from the photos below, these rooms are really something!

Maitre Choux

Who doesn’t love a pastry? The ones at Maitre Choux are especially mouth-watering. The bakery is owned by Joakim Prat, who used to work as a patisserie chef for a number of London restaurants. Looking at the pictures below will make every sweet lover want to dive in!

Cereal Killer Café

This is quite the unique place to have breakfast, especially for cereal-lovers. Even some of us in the office admit to having had cereal for dinner on more than one occasion! This café is definitely on our bucket list. They have more than 120 different cereals and 30 types of milk. Whether you prefer soya milk, chocolate milk, or milk with a hint of peanut butter, there is something here for you. Eat London recommends the Cereal Killer Café’s biggest Must-Try: cereal cocktails. They have a great selection, our favourite being the Chocopottomus.

Black Rock

After a long day of shopping and a bang-up meal, it’s time to relax with a drink. The Black Rock is a bar with serious style. One thing we love about this place is that you don’t have to go the bar for a drink. You are seated around a huge trunk from a 185-year-old oak, and served from cocktail taps fitted directly in the wood. All of their cocktails are whisky based, so if you are a whisky lover this is definitely the place to go.

DF Mexico

We love Mexican food, and this place is ideal for Mexican takeaways. You can get everything from burritos to tacos to planchas. Other than the amazing array of flavors, DF Mexico is known for its adaptable menu. Vegetarian? No problem! You can still get your favourite Mexican food, and we guarantee you’ll love it.