Fashion & Jewellery

Have a passion for fashion or have an interest in jewellery? Eleanor Fuller has picked our top books for the fashion guru!


Caroline Broadhead

A comprehensive overview of Caroline Broadhead's life's work, starting in jewellery and extending to dance collaborations and installations.

Caroline Broadhead is a highly versatile artist who started in jewellery in the late 1970’s.Since then she has extended her practice from "wearable objects" and textile works to dance collaborations and installations in historic buildings.

Broadhead's work is greatly exposed in this book and presents her extensive artistic creations.

Victoria Beckham: Style Power

This is the first book dedicated to Victoria Beckham's work as a fashion designer. A sumptuous full colour photographic retrospective, documenting every collection that Victoria has created, examining her signature style and her creative evolution. The perfect gift book for fashion lovers everywhere!

Animal Style Textures Volume 1

The cover illuminates itself as a must have read for the most daring fashionistas. Animal print is one trend that has its dips and surges in popularity, but never truly goes out of fashion. Featuring 154 designs to inspire stylists, designers and art directors, Animal Style Textures is a creative riot of colours and prints that are sure to not leave our hearts anytime soon.

Fashion Packaging Now

The highly competitive world of retail branding and brand packaging is evident in the increasing demand for creating unique, eye-catching and recognisable clothing packaging designs. Although labelled a fashion book, it’s unique context showcases innovative, custom- packaging design ideas and detail of how the brand connects with the item and with the packaging itself.

It’s a source of inspiration for a wide range of people within all aspects of design fields.

Fashion by Chance a Visual Autobiography 1960-1974

In Fashion by Chance, Italian fashion designer Cleonice Capece provides a vivid and richly documented account of how creativity, entrepreneurial courage and institutional support played a key role in the success of 'Made in Italy'.

In addition to an engrossing story told by a designer involved in creating the 'Made in Italy' brand, the book features an extraordinarily rich iconographic documentation of the designer's activity - mostly published here for the first time - including fashion shoots, press clippings, personal archive material, and drawings.

Art as Jewellery

Art as Jewellery offers a sublime array of images, from archived photographs and sketches that have not been seen since the ‘60’s, as well as the work of 20th century photographers.

Art as Jewellery is a visually stunning introduction to jewellery made by the titans of twentieth and twenty-first century art.

As is fitting for a book that covers a range of artists, every image is as striking as it is unique. By using contemporary pictures, Art as Jewellery develops a chronological timeline of jewellery presentation.

Dries Van Noten 1-50

From the hundreds of fashion images collected in these volumes, and the photographs of shows at unique locations worldwide, this book presents the complete overview of the first fifty collections by this top Belgian designer.

Internationally acclaimed fashion journalists Tim Blanks and Susannah Frankel guide you through Van Noten's artistic universe, giving you an intriguing insight into this independent and exceptionally successful fashion house. It’s an intriguing and versatile book sure to satisfy any type of stylistic booklover.

 You can also purchase the next volume Dries Van Noten 51-100 and the collection of both volumes Dries Van Noten 1-100 

Lydia Courteille

A stunning monograph on Lydia Courteille, a French-born gemologist and antique-jewellery expert.

To see, to touch and to wear Courteille's jewels is to travel to rarely visited spots in the world, from the sulphurous volcanic landscape of the Danakil desert to the remote tribes of the Omo Valley and the Bontoc people of the Philippines.

Her jewels have a presence and femininity, which is portrayed in this impressive book.


Expertly curating Christie's extensive archives, Vincent Meylan has drawn out the key details of each momentous sale.

In this book, each sale had its intrigue, own story to tell. Original documents from the vaults are reproduced in the book, alongside hundreds of colour illustrations of the jewels and their owners. 

Beautifully presented spreads shown on crisp, white paper showcase the various precious stones and specialist, high jewellery.  It’s a timeless book that is a perfect gift for a jewellery enthusiast or someone who simply appreciates life’s finer things.