New Titles in the Insta Grammar Series

The Insta Grammar series presents the most visually pleasing thematic photos on Instagram. Insta Grammar Dogs captures the luxurious lives of high-profile pups who travel the world one paw at a time, for photoshoots, exquisite cuisines and lots of doggy culture. It’s enough to make you feel a little green-eyed! Nevertheless, I am now following more dogs than humans on Instagram.

One of my favourite pages from this book has got to be dedicated to @marniethedog, the 15-year-old Shih Tzu who was adopted from a shelter. Not only does this dog have 2.1 million followers, but she’s cool enough to have her own book as well. Being one of my favourite Instagram accounts, I find it heart-warming that @marniethedog also dedicates its Instagram biography to adopting dogs of all ages. Marnie’s lovable pose, with head tilted and tongue lolling, is captured in Insta Grammar Dogs, along with several more. These photographs do not disappoint – especially one showing Marnie hungrily waiting to tuck into a hot dog on the side of a cobbled street, but still posing for a quick pic.  

“All our wisdom is stored in the trees.” Santosh Kalwar

Insta Grammar Green is perfect for home/garden inspiration. If, like me, you enjoy flicking through Pinterest looking at pretty decorative interiors in your free time, this book does not disappoint. One of my preferred Instagrams for when I’m feeling inventive is@mossingarden, featured in Insta Grammar Green. Four images spread across two pages showcase Charles Loh’s creative flare with nature, in which he crafts a miniature jungle inside a glass jar, layering moss and foliage to create a fairy-tale garden.

“Graphic designers judge a cover by its book.”

@magdiellop’s visual art shows the depth the imagination can go to by creating whimsical, peculiar scenes. ‘Outcast’ shows a whale floating above buildings – a typical theme for this artist, whose work explores the concept of not belonging in a particular environment. Out of all the gorgeous pictures in Insta Gramma Graphic, ‘Outcast’ stood out to me as a thoughtful piece that I’m sure many people can relate to. Insta Grammar Graphic provides page after page of graphic spreads, each of which demonstrates how graphic design speaks a thousand words.