Scala Art & Heritage

Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers, and our American sister company Scala Arts Publishers, Inc., specialise in producing books for museums, galleries, libraries, cathedrals, heritage sites and educational institutions. With offices in London and New York, we work with many of the most esteemed organisations in the world.

Established over thirty years ago, the reputation of Scala today is one of high quality in both product and service. We offer all aspects of the publishing process and work closely with each institution, tailoring to individual needs, creating books with the highest standards of design and production to be sold on-site to visitors and for us to promote throughout the worldwide book trade as part of our list.

Responsible for this reputation is our team of dedicated staff. Each department is united in the goal of flexibility but with an uncompromising dedication to the high standards that make us the publisher of choice in this prestigious industry.

Among our highlights this year, we are extremely proud to present Robots, our title accompanying the exhibition at the Science Museum in London, as well as our new series of lectures on ground-breaking topics; The Wolfson Foundation’s 60th Anniversary and Geoffrey Nice’s Justice for All (pp 28-29 of the Scala Catalogue). There is also a wonderful selection of exhibition catalogues and treasures from collections worldwide; a flourishing list of titles on cathedrals and great libraries; books on the history and architecture of houses and castles in Britain and Europe; our exciting new list of ebooks; and our ever popular and expanding series Director’s Choice, now with over thirty-five titles and counting!

Looking to the future, Scala will continue to grow and find new ways to bring the art of the world to our readers. Expanding our network and seeking out the treasures further afield, we look forward to discovering new and exciting institutions in the US, Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East.

Scala has enjoyed a successful partnership with ACC Publishing Group as its global distributor for more than twenty-five years and look forward to many more. 


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