Top 10 Photography books

Photography: a subjective topic. But whatever you think of photography as an artform, we are surrounded by a vast number of images every day.  Every photograph creates memories, moments captured in time and recorded forever. In today’s society, taking a photo is as easy as a click of a button, and thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, that photo is continuously accessible at your fingertips.

Our top 10 photography books are a ‘must have’ in any professional or amateur’s book collection.  


1: The Essential Marilyn Monroe, by Joshua Greene.

Joshua Greene, in conjunction with Iconic Images, presents The Essential Marilyn Monroe: Milton H. Greene: 50 Sessions.  With 280 photographs, including many never-before published and unseen images, newly scanned and restored classics, as well as images that have appeared only once in publication, Greene's Marilyn Monroe archive can finally be viewed as it was originally intended when these pictures were first produced more than 60 years ago. Poignant and powerful, joyful and stunning - these breath-taking images of an icon stand above all the rest.  The Essential Marilyn Monroe: Milton H. Greene: 50 Sessions is sure to be a book that will become the platinum standard in photography monographs.

2: Terry O'Neill's Rock 'n' Roll Album

Terry O'Neill is one of the world's most celebrated and collected photographers. No one has captured the frontline of fame so broadly - and for so long. Terry O'Neill's Rock 'n' Roll Album contains some of the most famous and powerful music photographs of all time. Without a doubt, Terry O'Neill's work comprises a vital chronicle of rock 'n' roll history. To any fan of music or photography this book will be a must buy.

3: No Man's Land

Animals rule the world. Humanity is extinct... This new photographic collection from Henk van Rensbergen, the godfather of urban exploring, invokes many questions. The beauty and desolation of Abandoned Places is still present, but it is given a new dimension as animals seek and find their place in a world that once belonged to humanity.  Van Rensbergen's photographs inspired the world famous biologist and bestselling author Desmond Morris. Morris' preface paints a picture about the planet after the extinction of mankind. Award-winning author Peter Verhelst contributes a short story in which he gets inside the head of the last man on earth.

4: Drags

Drags is a photo series documenting the drag queens and kings of New York City, shot by director/photographer Gregory Kramer. Presented in the style of classic fashion portraiture, the collection features legends - and up-and-coming legends - in glamorous black and white, full-length studio portraits.  Inspired by Irving Penn, each photo brings out the spirit of the performer through subtle pose, gesture and facial expression.

5: When Ziggy Played the Marquee

When Ziggy played The Marquee Club in Soho, London, in October 1973, most of those invited to the small venue did not realise that this would be the last performance David Bowie would ever give as Ziggy Stardust. Terry O'Neill, celebrated photographer, was given unprecedented access to document the event. O'Neill captured Bowie and his crew backstage as they went through costume changes, and Bowie transformed into the character he'd soon put to rest. On stage, dodging television cameras and lights, O'Neill snapped the incredible stage presence for which Bowie and his crew had become renowned. O'Neill remembers of Bowie: "He became a character on stage. As much as a person takes a role in a play for the West End or on Broadway, learning the lines, putting on the costumes - this was, I think, the way Bowie treated his stage. This night at the Marquee, I witnessed a modern-day Hamlet - and it was Ziggy Stardust".

6: Insta Grammar: Cats

Instagram is more popular than ever before. Over 80 million new photos are posted daily on this social networking site. How to pick the very best of them? We have done so for you! The funniest pictures of cats, the most surprising places and arty portraits: you will discover them in a beautifully designed, thematic book that also contains inspirational quotes. Irene Schampaert is a graphic designer and blogger. She writes about design, colours, patterns, deco, typography and photography.

7: Postcards from the Edge of the Catwalk

Iain R Webb's Postcards from the Edge of the Catwalk documents the glittering brouhaha surrounding ready-to-wear and haute couture fashion collections of New York, London, Paris and Milan. Spanning three decades, this fantastic photographic portfolio captures the show-stopping creativity and individual style of the world's leading fashion designers. Indeed, Webb's photographs give an insight into the exclusive world of catwalk shows and invitation-only parties, portraying the designers, supermodels, style icons and celebrities that frequent them.  The book's designer roll call includes John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Anna Sui, Valentino, Donatella Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen.

8: The Sweetest Taboo 

Photographer for the well-known Smoking Kids, Animalcoholics and Your Last Shot series, Frieke Janssens is part of a new generation of aesthetic photographers. Pictures of smoking children and drunk animals, people on their deathbeds and single women on the hunt for men - yet somehow her photographs are never shocking or crude. In fact, you'll have a hard time finding someone more in touch with aesthetics than Frieke Janssens. She's been a professional photographer for twenty years now, so it's about time she published her own book.

9: Dreamscapes 

Everyone has a moment, a day, a stretch of time, when they long to escape, to leave the pressures of life and visit a place of peace and tranquility. Perhaps one wishes to go to a place where waves crash against the shore and the sands of time never keep an eye on the clock. This was the motivation for Bob Tabor's search to capture that special place he could call his own. In his latest book, Dreamscapes, he celebrates the discovery of that special location. His wish is for the viewer to be drawn in by the beauty and power of these exceptional vistas. The images in this book are sure to transport you to a place of peace and tranquility to call your own.

10: Faces

Serge Anton, internationally renowned fashion and interior design photographer, proudly presents his collection of portraits in Faces. Containing a plethora of intriguing black and white portraits, from Africa all the way to Asia, this is a beautifully designed book with an imprinted textile cover. Serge Anton has spent the last 30 years travelling the world. Faces collects characters he photographed during his countless travels in Africa and Asia. His portraits tell wordless stories through the details in his subject’s eyes, the light sifting through the black-and-white images, the wrinkles that seem to reflect the wisdom of lifetimes. Serge Anton's portraits adorn many modern and bohemian restaurants and hotels around the world.