Urban Bloggers & Urban Jungle

Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff, are the founders of Urban Jungle Bloggers, with photography by Lina Skukausk─Ś and illustrations by Saar Manche. Available in English and in German.


Whether you are a foliage fanatic or just fancy sprucing up your pot-plants, the Urban Jungle book will give you plenty of inspiration, information, and fun ideas for enjoying your green roommates to the maximum.

Urban Jungle is a book packed with inspiration, styling ideas and handy tips for anyone who wants to bring more greens into their homes and daily lives. This book will take you on an inspirational voyage through five green homes across Europe, revealing how beautiful, individual, creative and sometimes even arty green living can be. With the book in your hands, you will travel to the Netherlands, to England, France, Germany, and Turkey. Wonderful plant lovers will open their doors and let you in on a green discovery – all while you remain seated in your favourite chair, surrounded by your own plants.

While visiting creative plant lovers across Europe, we not only got a full home tour of their personal spaces, but we also got the opportunity to speak with them about living with and caring for their greenery. This book offers interviews with each homeowner, as well as their personal gardening tips and styling projects.

Moreover, this book offers a plethora of easy-to-copy ideas for your home, presented by a fine selection of international Urban Jungle Bloggers. You will see that an urban jungle can be adapted to fit every interior style – from monochromatic Scandi homes to eclectic Bohemian abodes.

Additional plant profiles and simple plant care advice will further strengthen your desire to add a new green friend to your home. Learn about the Monstera deliciosa, discover fun facts about the Ficus elastica, and get plant care tips for tropical plants as well as cacti and succulents. Lean back and buckle up for a fantastic green journey!



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