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Experience the sights and sounds of the City of Lights like a true native with this expanded edition Bill Gillham has been visiting Paris for decades. For him, the pleasure is not in revisiting the tourist sights, but rather in immersing himself in a particular quartier, discovering little shops and bistros, exploring markets, parks, and local entertainment, and finding the quirks and particularities of the city’s day-to-day life. In this unique guidebook, Bill takes travelers to 21 of his favorite areas in Paris–some central, some suburban, all off the beaten track. Neglected or completely ignored by ordinary guide books, each of these locales has a purely individual, Parisian character and make superb bases for traditional sightseeing, and in particular an ideal way of seeing Paris with children. All the information about where to stay; how to get about; where to shop and eat; which museums, parks, playgrounds to not miss; and what to avoid is provided along with lush photographs that give a hint of the pleasures to be gleaned. All the information has been meticulously updated, and many sections have been enlarged and improved.

First published in 1974, Dark Shadow is a living sculpture book, the ‘result of our past three years of earnest daily thoughts, shadows, deeds, cares and pleasures.’ Written by the artists, Dark Shadow offers a unique perspective on their work and an insight into their minds. Like their art, Gilbert & George’s writing is irreverent, rebellious, fantastical, often funny and deeply poetic. Each book is a piece of art in itself; uniquely bound in hand-marbled cloth created by the pair. Dark Shadow is structured into eight chapters, which elaborate on different aspects of their work such as ‘Gordons Gin’, ‘Bloody Life’ and ‘Human Bondage’. It includes original photographs of Gilbert & George, their famous home in Spitalfields and paintings. As is emblazoned on the cover, Dark Shadow is a continuation of their lifelong agenda ‘Art for All.’

There are as many reasons to love Paris as there are people who love it. Everyone Loves Paris includes tributes from over 50 illustrators from around the world. From grand landmarks — such as the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and the Louvre Pyramid — to the small pleasures of daily life, each image expresses the joys of this marvelous city though the perspective of each artist’s brush. Quaint cobblestone streets wind through Montmartre; the smells of croissants and cafe creme waft from a Parisian cafe; and maps abound with every arrondissement’s must-see sites. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, Paris makes you appreciate the art of living. Everyone Loves Paris is a delightful meander that will inspire you to view the City of Light from a new angle and in a multitude of styles.

Text in English, German and French.

Of all the customs and traditions concerning the lives of oriental women, the harem is probably the most familiar and least understood in the West. Travellng artists, writers and poets let their imagination run unbridled upon this theme. To such an extent that in all the paintings from the early eigtheenth century to the 1940s, reality and imagination are closely intermingled. Beyond the theme of odalisques and almahs, this volume reflects upon the small pleasures of daily life, family and women’s work. Over 150 Orientalist painters, both prestigious and less known, are brought together in this book as individual monographs.