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The Selous was my very first Africa experience, and it remains my favorite. Robert J. Ross’s extraordinary photographs take us into a natural world unlike any other on earth. A world of elephants. Of wild dogs. Of nature as it should be, can be, might be – if we keep these breathtaking images firmly in mind. A triumph! Bryan Christy, Director, Special Investigations Unit, National Geographic
The Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania is Africa’s oldest and largest protected area. ¬†Proclaimed in 1896, and bigger than Switzerland, the Selous is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Selous remains one of Africa’s largest and greatest undisturbed ecosystems, teeming with life including one of the two largest elephant populations remaining on the African continent, probably half of all of the wild dogs in Africa, vast herds of buffalo as well as more lions than any other protected area on the continent as reported by National Geographic in August 2013. The game reserve is becoming more important by the day as the pressure on elephants and other species grows – problems that are addressed here in this book. New-York born photographer Rob Ross has spent much of the past four years photographing in this vast and difficult to access reserve. He has compiled more than 100,000 images showing all aspects of the reserves varied landscapes, seasons, flora and large and small fauna. The spectacular large-format photography book features a selection of the very best images including landscapes, wildlife portraits and behavior, night photography, impressionist style work and breath-taking aerials.

In this new title in the successful series The 500 Hidden Secrets journalist and writer Malte Brenneisen shares his favourite insider tips, tricks and places – in short, the things that he loves most in and about his hometown Hamburg. Malte enjoys exploring Hamburg and its surroundings in his vintage VW van, with his family and dog in tow. His book contains interesting lists such as 5 places to eat with that typical cool Hamburg vibe, 5 small museums really worth a visit, 5 great skate and surf shops, 5 wine bars for a lovely date, 5 unique spots in the harbour, and much more.

Simon Drew has produced this book in much the same way he played golf. In the dim distant past, he would attempt to drive a ball straight down the fairway, only to see it fly off at a tangent in a direction the ball had chosen all on its own. Now he finds his drawings behave in a similar manner; whatever the intention, you never know what the end result will be. This book will poke fun at almost anyone who loves golf and a few who don’t. Most of the verses and word plays are by Simon Drew though a couple of well-known quotations were too good to ignore. It includes the Ballad of the Lost Ball, which turns golf into pantomime: something that happens to most golfers sooner or later. Simon Drew’s Birthday Book ISBN: 9781905377619 Gin’ll Fix It ISBN: 9781905377558 Simon Drew’s Inappropriate Address Book ISBN: 9781905377039 Spot the Book Title ISBN: 9781851493562 …And So I face the Vinyl Curtain ISBN: 9781905377015 A Collection of the Most Pointless Verses of Simon Drew ISBN: 9781905377077 A is for Aardvark ISBN: 9781851496549 Dogsbodies ISBN: 9781851492718 Shepherd Spy ISBN: 9781905377169 Simon Drew’s Book of Ludicrous Limericks ISBN: 9781905377367 The Plot Thickens ISBN: 9781905377299 The Quotations of Oscar Wilde ISBN: 9781851494774 The Very Worst of Simon Drew ISBN: 9781851493319